Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform delivers the Nine Core Capabilities essential for the automation of Zero Trust for IoT. 

Device Authority KeyScaler, and KeyScaler Edge, provide patented Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology for establishing device to KeyScaler trust to uniquely deliver the following: 


Why Should you Follow a Zero Trust Approach?

Data transmissions between devices are susceptible to interception by third parties. Allowing threat actors to gain access to sensitive information.
Analysts predict IoT devices to reach 27 Billion or more by 2025.
Credential data now factors into 61% of all breaches.
It can take up to 69 days to contain a breach.
Hackers attack once every 39 seconds.
75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities.
There are around 2,200 cyberattacks per day.
Hackers can gain access to a network in as little as 19 minutes.
It can take up to 197 days to identify a data breach.

What is Your Maturity Score? 

See how your organization tallies up against the 9 Core Capabilities of our KeyScaler Platform by taking our Quiz below and getting your Core Capabilities Maturity Score. 





It pays to use KeyScaler…


KeyScaler® provides frictionless security for connected devices, enabling total device, data and operational trust. But the return on using KeyScaler is more than just security…

Use our calculator to see how automating your device authentication can not only ensure device security but also offer a return on investment.

By telling us how many connected devices you have in operation now as well as how many you plan to have in the future, we are able to compare your investment in KeyScaler with the average cost of manually provisioning devices and rotating certificates.

Zero Trust

If you can't trust the device, how can you trust the data?

Device Trust

Ensure your users and applications are verified, and IoT devices are 100% secure

Data Trust

Maintain data compliance and prevent information leaks

IoT Scale

Meet device volume and scale challenges with automated security solutions