Securing the Internet of Things

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Iot security for Microsoft Azure

IoT Security Lifecycle Management with Microsoft Azure IoT and Azure Sphere

IoT presents opportunities across every industry, including healthcare, industrial, automotive, utilities, oil and gas. However, it is also creating attack surfaces, introduced by the scale and pace of adoption, as well as the consequences of compromised security.

While many IoT platform vendors claim their functionality enables easy device enrollments and security management, most platforms provide open and flexible interfaces and shift the responsibility to customers to adopt the right integration and policies as per their application requirements.

For Microsoft customers and partners, Device Authority has created an extensive Security Suite that enables their end to end service offerings with enhanced security, and to accelerate, optimize and leverage their investments in their Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

To trial or buy the Security Suite for Microsoft, head over to the Azure Marketplace:

Security Suite for Microsoft Azure IoT

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform solves one of the biggest challenges of IoT: onboarding of devices at scale and managing the owner-controlled identities and credentials across the different services. KeyScaler provides policy-driven automated PKI management for any IoT device to connect it to any Certificate Authority.

Watch James Penney, CTO, Device Authority, in Microsoft’s Channel 9 IoT Show to learn how Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform can be used to securely onboard IoT devices to the Microsoft IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service in seconds without human intervention.

Learn more by downloading the Insight Guides below.

Security Suite for Microsoft Azure IoT
Technical Insight Guide for Microsoft Azure IoT
IoT Security Lifecycle Management
Microsoft AD CS Connector
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Microsoft IoT Edge Gateway Service Module
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Automated Certificate Provisioning and Management with KeyScaler and Azure IoT Central
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KeyScaler integration with Microsoft Azure Key Vault Demo
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KeyScaler access using Microsoft Azure Active Directory SAML - Single Sign On
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KeyScaler integration with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Demo
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KeyScaler integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Demo
KeyScaler IoT Security Platform Deployed on to Microsoft Azure using the Azure Marketplace

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