Automated Password Management

Cyber criminals and attackers are increasingly exploiting weaknesses in IoT device identities.  Manufacturer set default passwords which remain unchanged, are proving to be the Holy Grail for hackers. According to Verizon DBIR, 63% of security incidents were related to weak credentials and this attack vector has proven responsible for the recent Mirai and BrickerBot attacks.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform has unique Automated Password Management (APM) technology at its heart and effectively removes the associated human risk of manually updating credentials at scale.

The APM element automatically sets and manages local account passwords from manufacturer default on devices. Password rotation policies are enforced which dramatically reduces the attack surface of using static passwords.

Watch a video demonstrating Automated Password Management to Axis Cameras.

Key benefits

  • Prevent IoT devices participating in cyber attacks
  • Increases operational efficiencies through automation
  • Reduces IT overhead through central control of policy
  • Ensures compliance through central management