AWS IoT PKI Connector

PKI has emerged as the digital identification, authentication and encryption standard. PKI certificates provide a strong framework for identifying and authenticating individual devices, and are regarded by many experts as the first step to securing the entire IoT ecosystem. As businesses attempt to secure the IoT, PKI is re-emerging as a cost-effective and proven technology that delivers a secure and high-performance solution.

AWS IoT mandates the use of certificates in devices connected to the cloud. But it doesn’t automatically, and securely, provision these certificates at scale, and manage them for the lifetime of the devices. It is challenging to rotate these certificates deployed in remote devices.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform offers an Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT PKI connector; automated provisioning of PKI certificates to any connected device on an organization’s network, independent of manufacture-provisioned keys.

Solving device provisioning and credential management through the AWS Marketplace

Traditionally, provisioning certificates manually was time-consuming and cumbersome and nigh impossible at IoT scale. AWS IoT customers can leverage the Device Authority technology and KeyScaler private certificate signing to solve device provisioning and credential management problems through the AWS Marketplace. Key features include:
  • Automated process for provisioning, revocation and assignment of signed certificates to the AWS IoT service
  • Support for both device-side PKI generation and KeyScaler private certificate signing
  • Choice of Certificate Authority

Automating the PKI process ensures security for AWS IoT customers

Automating the PKI process is an essential step to help organizations continue to benefit from the agility and flexibility of the IoT, without sacrificing security. With this connector, Amazon Web Services customers benefit from the KeyScaler platform which:
  • Delivers operational efficiency and support at IoT scale
  • Mitigates security breaches related to human error
  • Provides a highly secure, cost-effective security framework for Amazon Web Services customers