Certificate Authorities

Device Authority’s Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Automated Certificate Provisioning

It is often said that the Internet of Things is defined in many ways depending on who you talk to, and for Certificate Authorities (CAs) it is defined as the next big market opportunity.  While this certainly seems to be true, the path to market success will require CAs to provide end customers with easy ways to subscribe, provision, and manage their IoT certificates at a massive scale and in a completely foreign IoT environment comprised of headless and borderless devices.  There will not be enough humans on the planet to manage the demand for IoT certificates, which will be a huge inhibitor for adoption unless new methods are adopted.

The quickest way to provide this to customers is using KeyScaler which has built in capabilities that allow automated bulk provisioning of certificates combined with customer defined security policies that determine certificate management and rotation based on their required security posture.  CA’s that leverage KeyScaler can dramatically increase time to value for their customers that want to protect the integrity of their IoT device deployments with a comprehensive integrated PKI strategy.

On average, it can take 8-10 minutes to deploy a certificate manually, with huge costs and risk associated with manual operational deployments.

With KeyScaler, it’s all automated and managed securely;

  • Certificate provisioning
  • Certificate binding to the device
  • Certificate revocation
  • Certificate renewal
  • Quarantine compromised devices

Ultimately, we provide secure certificate management at IoT scale, without human intervention. This significantly reduces time and cost for customers and provides certificate authorities with a clear and secure differentiator.

With KeyScaler™ platform vendors can enable new value added services.

  • Certificate as a Service – Utility model
  • IDaaS (Identity as a Service) for IoT Devices
  • Data privacy services
  • Anti-cloning

Want to join our ecosystem?

If you are a CA building out your IoT security strategy, please contact Device Authority to discuss how we can help you offer automated certificate provisioning and management for your customers.