IoT Platforms

Device Authority’s KeyScaler Platform Provides Instant Value for IoT Platforms

Also known as IoT Application Enablement Platform

It seems that every day a new company is launching a new IoT platform to provide customers with the ability to quickly collect, process and analyze data being generated by millions of deployed IoT devices. Most of these platforms limit themselves to being data analytics platforms while their customers are trying to deal with the problems of automating mass device deployment in a secure and safe manner.

To increase time to value for customer IoT initiatives, IoT platforms can easily integrate the functionality of our KeyScaler platform, which provides true device-centric IoT Identity and Access Management capabilities. Using KeyScaler customers can perform automated bulk provisioning of devices in a secure manner with the ability to add policy driven credential management and end-to-end data encryption. By offering KeyScaler as either an integrated feature set or standalone offering, IoT platforms can provide their customers with an easy way to ensure device integrity for the trust, privacy and security of their data as it is delivered into the analytics applications.

Device Authority is a trusted IoT IAM solution for:

  • Automated Device Provisioning / On-boarding
  • Device Authentication (Automated Multi-factor)
  • Policy-driven, End-to-End Data Privacy, Security
  • Device and Credential Management
  • Secure Communication
  • Solving Security Problems e.g. Spoofed or stolen credentials, Detect tampered devices (automated integrity checks).

Providing value direct to your customers

  • Trusted devices connected
  • Trusted data
  • Easy integration with IoT applications
  • Flexible policies for authentication and data security

Want to join our ecosystem?

We currently work with a variety of IoT platforms, but as an agnostic solution, we can work with anyone. If you’re an IoT platform provider who wants to offer their customers the best security, please get in touch.