Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform provides MNOs/MVNOs with the ability to deliver security for next generation connected environments

Our unique KeyScaler technology can provide Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) with the ability to deliver true security value for next generation connected environments. The enhanced solution/offering can define a set of security principles that underpin connected devices, extending beyond any single security function, and is capable of adapting and changing as use cases evolve.

Showcase your security differentiation and gain market leadership

Working with MNO/MVNOs, we can showcase the power of a strong SIM based security trust anchor as part of a more comprehensive set of IoT Identity and Security solutions. Leveraging KeyScaler software-based trust framework (Automation, Device Binding, Policy Control and Data trust) to extend a traditional SIM Root of Trust (RoT), MNO/MVNOs can gain a clear market leadership advantage in IoT IAM. This increased value can help organisations in several areas:

  • Ability to bind SIM and Device Identity together to provide a true end to end trust model.
  • Single platform and process to deploy, manage and retire connected assets leveraging core platforms.
  • Address the increasing challenges faced by CISO, CSO & CIO roles regarding risk and vulnerability associated with IoT.
  • Agnostic approach supporting both certificate and token-based authentication processes along with a policy driven data privacy model.
  • Empower security and operations owners to gain a trusted, holistic view of their connected landscape.
  • Create a remediation process to manage issues and exposures in real time.
  • Reduce the overall TCO for managing IoT environments through a centralized IoT IAM.

The modern role of IoT security is not only about risk isolation, but also about appropriate processes to manage compromise should it occur. MNOs, through extended partnerships, have the opportunity to extend their relevance, strategic position and service offering to their Enterprise customer sector for IoT.

Every IoT Application has its own set of feature requirements and If you look at the plethora of IoT Platforms and applications then having a standardized approach, utilizing a SIM RoT Coupled to an IoT IAM is a must. There are a number of key solution features which would allow MNOs to deliver clear differentiated value.

Delegated Security Management (DSM) & Tokenized Authentication

  1. Extensible security framework that can align to any IoT platform bringing flexibility to evolving IoT decisions and use cases.
  2. Out of band authentication and authorisation process simplifies both deployment and management of security services, reducing both cost and impact of integration.
  3. Reduced integration overheads for IoT Applications will help accelerate revenue and lower ongoing support/maintenance.

End-to-End Data Privacy

  1. Policy defined field level data centric encryption to ensure strong regulatory compliance – GDPR, HIPAA
  2. Prevention of unauthorised data access anywhere in the IoT infrastructure.
  3. Ability to align to vertical market requirements via policy.

IoT PKI Automation

  1. Reduced cost to deploy and manage PKI certificates/keys (credentials) through automation.
  2. Removal of human process through policy.
  3. Integration of 3rd party Certificate Authority’s and IoT platforms for improved return on investment.

Automated Password Management

  1. Reduced cost to manage remote device access.
  2. Fully audited access control process.
  3. Policy based device access for contract and 3rd party users.

Asset Identification and Authorization

  1. Reduced cost model for device network access control to established Enterprise networks
  2. Policy based network authentication for contract and 3rd party users.

Integrity Validation Check Service

  1. Risk mitigation for compromised devices.
  2. Firmware integrity validation for devices connected outside the enterprise

Certificate Management to Edge Devices via IoT Hub/Gateway Proxy

  1. Delivery of trust to the very edge of the IoT network.
  2. Simplified enrolment of resource constrained devices.
  3. Elevated security posture for resource constrained devices

Simplicity, speed and trust

Working together with MNO/MVNOs, we can make it possible to deliver increased value in three key areas of Simplicity, Speed & Trust. Together we can reduce the time and cost to:

  • Enforce the strongest security posture for
    • SIM
    • Device
    • Credential
    • Password
    • Identity
    • Data
  • Deploy PKI certificates & lifecycle management (no human hands – a traditional certificate can take approx. 6 mins to deploy/rotate – we can automate the entire process and solve a fundamental challenge of certificate expiration)
  • Centralise and manage passwords (no human hands – automated creation/rotation/auditing)
  • Create policy-based security operations
  • Build and apply automated processes
  • Connect IoT ecosystem partners’ products together to meet real use case challenges

Services can be delivered to the device in three different ways:

  1. Leveraging the standard onboard resources – Chip and O/S on the device
  2. Via Silicon – integrating an MCU
  3. Modem deployment model for certain devices

From 10 devices to 10 million devices and beyond, our collective Secure by Design solution can bring control, visibility and validity to IoT projects across a wide spectrum of markets and use cases.

Want to join our ecosystem?

If you’re a Mobile Network Operator who wants to offer their customers true IoT security with simplicity, speed and trust in mind, please get in touch.