System Integrators

Device Authority’s KeyScaler Technology Provides Added Value For System Integrators

Customers and organizations around the world are rapidly adopting and implementing IoT strategies and devices so they can have access to more data to drive their businesses.  In the rush to get the data most have not taken into consideration how to protect the trust, privacy and integrity of both the devices generating the data, and the data itself.

Using our KeyScaler Platform, system integrators can help their customers build in true device-centric IoT Identity Access Management to provide end-to-end trust, privacy and integrity for their IoT applications.

KeyScaler is a robust enterprise software platform that can run both in the cloud and on premise, and can be easily integrated for a customer deployment to provide customer defined policy driven security posture.  Providing your customers with a purpose built integrated IoT IAM solution will provide greater time to value in being able to deploy more devices to access more data securely to fuel their IoT strategies.

End-to-End Security for IoT applications

  1. Trusted device provisioning, authentication and data privacy
  2. Easy to integrate and deploy
  3. Policy driven data security and management
  4. Extensible REST APIs for application driven controls
  5. Helps solve Regulatory compliance and data protection standards

Device identity centric IAM is an integral part of every IoT solution. Device Authority’s purpose built IoT IAM platform will enable partners to build robust IoT applications and services. According to Gartner:

  1. IoT Needs Device-Embedded Authentication
  2. Traditional IAM Will Not Suffice for IoT
  3. IoT Platforms Need to Support IAM

Want to join our ecosystem?

If you are a system integrator building IoT applications or offering IoT as a Service, please contact Device Authority to discuss how we can help you build secure robust solutions.