August 11, 2022

AI-Based Planning? You Might Want To Double-Check That Data.

AI is awesome! It can do so much for us, much faster and broader than we can do ourselves. All of AI’s benefits are great, assuming the data is trustworthy. Sure, algorithms can detect and remove outliers, but what if your corrupt data does not reside in the outliers?

You can only trust the data when you establish trust at the source of the data.

How often have we been conversing with a friend who is relaying information from their friend? For most of us, the very first thing we will do is try to establish the credibility of the information we are being told and that of the person who originally relayed it. How do they know this? What are their credentials? How much experience do they have in this topic area?

Establishing trust must be the first step in acquiring data for ourselves and our AI data sets. But once we have that trust, AI also becomes a powerful tool in the zero-trust model.

When it comes to IoT, systems have historically focused only on answering the ‘who are you?’ authentication question, where the overall trust is implicit in the yes/no answer based on the credential presented. New technologies allow us to ask more complex questions to gain a better understanding of the device state and make smarter authorization decisions. Are you running unauthorized software? Who else have you been in contact with recently? Have you participated in any DDoS attacks?

At Device Authority, our focus is to establish, manage and automate IoT device zero trust at scale and throughout the device’s entire lifecycle, while also providing continuous device authorization and assurance. We establish and manage trust with 3rd party data repositories like Azure, Amazon, and Google. If you are using AI to fine-tune your IoT devices, we can ensure the device code updates only come from trusted sources and, if desired, are encrypted in transit and at rest.

We answer those questions for IoT devices as your friend establishes their friends’ credibility.

So yes, AI is extraordinary and can catapult us forward. Still, it will only accomplish this if you know with certainty that the source of information provided is trusted and thus verifiable and credible.

Let us show you how you can be sure your data is what you think it is. For more information regarding our product and how we can help you  implement a zero-trust model for your IoT devices please contact us here:


John Hynds