August 30, 2016

Counting Authenticated Devices

One of the unique aspects of Device Authority’s patented capabilities is the ability to provide secure valuable data analytics, which we call Counting Authenticated Devices. In a nutshell, our technology enables companies to continuously monitor large-scale networks of devices globally, and ensure:

  • The identity of each device (i.e. this specific device is authorized to be on the network) and
  • The authenticity & validity of the command and control functions which send information back and forth to each device (i.e. the device has not been compromised by a malicious hacker, and has permission, from the Network provide, to request and receive specific information within the Network.).

These unique capabilities, associated with Counting Authenticated Devices were developed for the era of the Internet of Things, and they are explained in greater detail in this White Paper.

Recently, we have focused on applications with these capabilities for networks that were developed before the era of the Internet of Things.

For example, we repeatedly hear that cable firms, device, application service providers deploying devices to customers, or meter companies may lose significant revenues through sophisticated spoofing efforts.  For example, cable customers may be asked to pay a specific amount for a pay-per-view sporting event. Then, one customer pays for the event and uses his or her credentials to assist friends in modifying their cable box software to see the event without paying for it. As a result, the cable company loses the revenues associated with these spoofed box viewers.

When you stop and think, the problem we have just described is really the same issue as security, at scale, for the Internet of Things. A device on a large network of devices is hacked and the device deceives the owner of the network.

So, here’s our point. If you operate a business that may suffers from lost revenues, or revenue leakage as some call it, our patented technology for Counting Authenticated Devices can provide the security and data analytics you need. Device Authority was created for the era of the Internet of Things. But, our technology is equally applicable in protecting any large scale network of devices.

If you believe your business may suffer from lost revenues, because network devices are spoofed or compromised, contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can prevent your business from losing millions of dollars in potential revenues.

Darron Antill