January 24, 2023

Device Authority and Entrust Demonstrate Their Partnership Potential to Provide Security to the Supply Chain

Device Authority and Entrust Demonstrate Their Partnership Potential to Provide Security to the Supply Chain

Identified as leaders in IoT (Internet of Things) Device Identity Lifecycle Management by ABI Research, and leaders in IoT IAM according to Quadrant, Device Authority and Entrust have worked together to integrate Device Authority’s KeyScaler® IoT IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services from Entrust, extending the existing collaboration for Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, to provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT scale. 

Recently, Device Authority and Entrust partnered to provide solutions to a global manufacturer of automotive components that has multiple secure manufacturing lines that require a Key Distribution and Management System and PKI service to provision digital certificates to each OEM.  


This manufacturer needed to be able to securely transport keys from the OEM delivery service to the remote factories. These keys are injected directly into the OEM’s vehicle electronic components, which are then distributed to end customers for inclusion in their finished automotive products.  

Those finished products needed to be able to close the loop with the initial key provider for auditing purposes.  


Device Authority and Entrust sought to streamline the process by utilizing both KeyScaler and Entrust PKI to provide:  

  • A hybrid and high scale PKI service, operated to best industry practice, to provision digital certificates as a trusted identity, unique to each OEM 
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management capabilities to reduce management overheads and risk 
  • Device Identity management via the use of Device Authority’s Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology 
  • KeyScaler, a key distribution and management solution backed by the PKI, to securely transport keys from the OEMs of production equipment to remote factories worldwide 
  • Policy-driven Encryption with granular read/write access permissions 
  • HSM Access Control for integration with third-party HSM for secure and automated key generation and storage using HSM 
  • Key generation and usage reporting for auditing 


The implementation of Device Authority’s DDKG solution meant that the client was able to benefit from using pre-built integrations to enterprise IoT platforms. 

Further, the flexible PKI service from Entrust has delivered the scalable, high performance and assured infrastructure that the customer considers critical to their ongoing efficient operations and assurance fabric. 

The combined solutions from both Device Authority and Entrust have streamlined device security reducing admin burden and freeing up internal FTEs to handle other essential duties. 

Automation of the IoT devices on and off, their network speeds up incident response times and minimizes customer disruption, helping to preserve brand reputation, and reducing liability. 

To find out more about how our joint technologies can benefit your organization then make sure to come and see us at IoT Solutions World Congress, Gran Via, Hall 4, Level 0, Street D, Stand 441 


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Louise José