July 26, 2016

Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Recently, Device Authority took another great step forward and was accepted into the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance.  This is going to be a very valuable organization for our company to be a part of.

Intel ISA is a huge ecosystem of over 400 IoT hardware, software and system integration members that includes a number of companies that we are already working closely with.

For Device Authority, there are some major advantages that we gain from our Intel ISA membership. First and foremost, we get early access and insight into Intel’s industry leading technology.

Device Authority’s IoT security solution leverages and supports a number of different technologies, including IoT gateway platforms, hardware-based security, and crypto processing technologies.  Getting insight to what Intel is doing in these areas will be very helpful to our product planning and development decisions.

An accelerated pace of business and decision making is not something that I would expect from a large company like Intel.  Ironically, we are already seeing that sometimes an industry giant can really help get things moving for a smaller company like ours!

I have to say that our experience so far has been great and I have been impressed with the way Intel runs this program.  The process has been well defined and Intel has committed the resources and time to get us connected into the program and with other experts inside of their company.

It is early days and we are just coming onboard with the ISA but I am really looking forward to being a member and working with Intel and other ISA members to solve IoT security problems for our customers.

IoT security is quickly becoming a very important issue and I believe that Device Authority has a lot to offer to Intel ISA members and their customers and I expect that our membership will drive further partnership opportunities and business for the company.

Our solutions page can be accessed on the Intel website.

Download the Intel and Device Authority solution brief.

Rao Cherukuri