Tinkering for Security: tools and techniques of an IoT hacker

Posted: Oct 07, 2019

One of the differentiating risk factors for an IoT device is that its domain is in the physical world - an attacker may be able to physically interact with your device.

As a collection of engineers at Device Authority, many of us have an interest in hardware modding, and investigating devices for their security vulnerabilities in order to better protect them.

This blog will give a brief overview of IoT hacking, and some links to tools we've found useful.

IoT Security is redefining Cybersecurity with Secure by Design, Privacy by Design, Trust and Automation

Posted: Sep 13, 2019

According to Business Insider Intelligence, “$6 trillion will be invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) between 2015 and 2020, which will yield $12.6 trillion ROI over the next decade”

For the past few years these predictions have been discussed and the whole industry has been looking at IoT as the next big Industrial revolution, implying a radical change and an entirely new paradigm for a connected planet.

Sample code for IoT development

Posted: Jul 29, 2019

When producing sample code for documentation, it can be easy to fall into the trap that what is written is "not production" and it can suffer from undergoing less scrutiny than code that is immediately destined for production systems.

It's always worth remembering that developers reading your sample code will likely (perhaps blindly) trust that a given example is the right way to do things.

When you write sample code and technical documentation, you are acting as a teacher to developers you may not even meet or speak to.

The 7 Challenges of IoT Software Development

Posted: Jul 03, 2019

We recently came across an article on the 7 challenges of IoT software development – here’s our engineering team’s thoughts and quick responses:


1. Operating System Considerations

While more than 80% of embedded devices are running Linux, there are growing contenders in the marketplace. Windows 10 IoT has a growing following, and strong integration into the Azure ecosystem. Sometimes, a traditional operating system is not always a requirement: JavaME.

IoT Day: Security and Safety is Paramount

Posted: Apr 09, 2019

Today, April 9th is officially IoT day, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to highlight how far IoT has come over the years, a significant, disruptive force creating a transformational connected world with endless benefits for society, worldwide.

Embedded World 2019: Chip to Cloud Security for IoT

Posted: Mar 08, 2019

I recently attended Embedded World conference in Nuremberg, Germany, alongside our partners MULTOS. It was a busy 3-day event, with all the main players there from MCU Suppliers, Distributors, Technology vendors and Service suppliers.