February 15, 2022

Automotive: PKI Management For Diesel Engines


The next generation of diesel engines feature a new array of options aimed to increase efficiency, lower cost of operation and lifecycle expense. 

The Problem

This new technology relies on the exchange of data between the engine and cloud based systems to adjust engine parameters in real-time. Diesel engines also require the use of X.509 Certificates for identity, authentication and encryption to cloud-based services. 

Our Solution

Device Authority KeyScaler is used to provide: 

  • KeyScaler provides diesel engines trust and automated secure PKI certificate management.
  •  KeyScaler trust anchor technology will be deployed on the engine ECM to enable X.509 certificates provisioning, revocation and rotation. 
  • KeyScaler also enables  zero touch provisioning to AWS IoT core

Key Benefits

  • Automated ECM PKI certificate provisioning and management
  • Seamless integration with CAs & HSM Vendors
  • Prebuilt service connectors for certificate provisioning to AWS IoT Core.
  • Strong device identity and authentication using X.509 certificates



Claire Tennant