February 15, 2022

Industrial IoT: Connected Oil & Gas Rigs


This energy corporation requires an IoT security platform to manage and secure critical infrastructure devices.

The Problem

IoT Edge gateways and sensors collect and transmit data in real-time to the cloud to automate the operations of oil rigs and refineries. This devices requires a strong root of trust and automated certificate lifecycle to secure communications to/ from the cloud.

Our Solution

Device Authority KeyScaler is used to provide: 

  • Certificate lifecycle management for Azure IoT Edge gateways and leaf devices.
  • Integration with enterprise PKI.
  • Zero touch device provisioning using X.509 certificates to DPS/ IoT Hub.
  • Generation of device root of trust using DDKG

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration with customer’s PKI.
  • Strong device root of trust using DDKG
  • Reduced complexities through automation for initial zero touch device onboarding to Azure IoT Hub through DPS



Claire Tennant