February 15, 2022

Retail: Connected Devices


This retail store corporation requires a secure platform to monitor and manage refrigeration equipment, HVAC and power management systems. 

The Problem

The customer wants to integrate their enterprise PKI with Azure IoT Edge and automate the life cycle management of certificates. 

Our Solution​

  • The KeyScaler Azure security suite enables automation and security to the X.509 certificate management process for both Azure IoT Edge Gateways and Leaf Devices. 
  • KeyScaler’s credential manager agent is deployed on the gateways and leaf devices to enable secure certificate provisioning, revocation and renewal. 

Key Benefits

  • Automated certificate life cycle management.
  • Authentication and registration for leaf devices using DDKG.
  • Reduced complexities through automation for initial zero touch device onboarding to Azure IoT Hub through DPS.



Claire Tennant