Company Overview

Trust for every Thing

Device Authority provides solutions to address the challenges of Identity and Access Management for the Internet of Things (IoT) without human intervention. We help our customers and partners simplify the process of establishing trust for the IoT, enabling end-to-end security architecture and scale for the IoT through our innovative technology platform: KeyScaler.

IoT brings new security challenges introduced by the scale and pace of adoption, as well as the physical consequences of compromised security. These challenges cannot be effectively addressed by traditional Information Technology (IT) security solutions. KeyScaler is purpose-built to address these challenges through automated device provisioning, credential management and policy-driven data encryption.

The IoT promises countless efficiencies, increased competitiveness, improved customer service and even brand new market opportunities. However, deploying strong security is hard and always has been. Deploying strong IoT security is even harder.  According to Gartner, by 2020, around 25% of all identified security breaches will involve IoT. To address this, Device Authority introduces a new paradigm of IoT IAM that accelerates and simplifies the deployment of strong IoT security.

Advanced, policy driven IoT IAM is critical for industrial, healthcare, transportation and other large scale security sensitive IoT environments. Our patented dynamic key technology provides the essential device-based trust anchor for IoT devices, enabling policy-driven provisioning, access control and data protection for mission-critical IoT applications and services.

The dedicated IoT Security entity was launched in September 2014 when the Cryptosoft technology was acquired with backing from the current investors. The Cryptosoft platform was originally developed in 2010 and has enjoyed significant traction in the Enterprise security market. In April 2016 Cryptosoft acquired DeviceAuthority Inc, and subsequently the changed its name to Device Authority Ltd, headquartered in the UK and with a technical development center based in Fremont, CA.