September 3, 2022

Automotive Cybersecurity, Detroit – March 21st-23rd

With the vehicle manufacturing industry becoming more and more electrified, connected, and technology focused, cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern for automotive manufacturers. The EV and AV evolution is bringing a whole new set of challenges, especially from an EV charging point of view. How to achieve compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and how to implement it efficiently and cost-effectively is a major challenge. And managing and securing vast supply chain and vendor ecosystem is adding a level of complexity and security risk that has not been seen or experienced before.

Staying true to our reputation of providing agendas that are focused on current, real-world issues and future challenges, the 13th Automotive Cybersecurity Detroit 2023 agenda will showcase case studies, lessons learned and hand-on experiences from vehicle manufacturers, government bodies and standardization groups, Tier-1 suppliers, and a select number of Tier-2/3 suppliers.





Louise José