March 11, 2022

IoT Solutions World Congress & Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2022

Date: May 10-12th

Location: Barcelona, Spain


We’ve joined forces with Entrust to sponsor IoT Solutions World Congress.  Visit us at stand E529 and drop in to our speaker sessions.

Speakers: Jay Schiavo, Vice President of Products, Entrust Certificate Solutions and Paul Lockley, Vice President EMEA, Device Authority

The proliferation of machine identities over the past few years has been significant. When just focusing in on IoT, by 2025 the number of IoT devices is expected to be 30.9 billion. So perhaps it’s not surprising IoT is the top driver for the use of PKI within organizations. The need to secure the IoT has been around for a while now but with this kind of expected growth, coupled with the rise in cyberthreats across the industry, it should now a critical focus of the overall digital security strategy – especially when considering the high assurance model IoT devices demand, across Industrial, Medical and Automotive use cases.


Join us for this session where Device Authority and Entrust talk about some of those critical considerations when it comes to securing your IoT ecosystem.  Learn from a real-world customer example of how their solutions jointly provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT Scale.

Speaker: Rob Dobson, Vice President Technology Partners at Device Authority

In this session we will discuss SBOM, what it is, the call for Zero Trust things and why it’s important for your projects. We will be discussing the recent US Executive Order published in May 2021, which requires ALL critical digital infrastructure (IT, OT, IoT, IIoT) to have an SBOM and what you can do to help meet the EO.

Claire Tennant