September 2, 2022

5th Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference, Boston, 18th & 19th Oct 2023

Innovations in the medical device industry increase the ability to treat patients. But as devices become more connected to the internet, hospital networks and other devices, they are also more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. To off-set a potential breach, shield the safety and effectiveness of life-critical devices and protect patient data, device manufacturers and health care delivery organisations need raised vigilance. But the journey to a fully reliant cybersecurity plan has many steps. Highly effective programs need to be built into quality systems, the correct documentation is required for regulatory submissions, and updated guidance needs to be followed throughout to ensure compliance. As the hacker becomes more sophisticated, what is the best practice for a swift implementation with lasting success?

The 5th Annual Medical Device Cybersecurity Conference is designed to address emerging cybersecurity issues and provide best
practices for improving device security, within the latest global regulatory expectations.

The TT Cybersecurity live in person conference is the opportunity to participate in highly interactive presentations supported by real-life
business examples and engage with esteemed industry experts in real-time. This event will be interactive, filled with live Q&As,
roundtables, break-out sessions, and a continual exchange of dialogue, delivers practical insight, guidance, and valuable networking.

Louise José