Automotive IoT aka Connected Cars

We deliver authentication and access control solutions for the digital car ecosystem. Download our solution brief to learn more. 

The Digital Car Journey

With the evolution of the connected car, there is a rapidly changing landscape of possibility, opportunity, but also risk. The more open and connected you make the car and the service, the more challenges you potentially create with regard to authentication, access and mis-use.

The Possibility

Next generation cars should be able to go anywhere, access information as and when needed/requested, and intelligently adapt the driving experience based on external events.

Anyone, Anywhere, Any car, Any time.

The Opportunity

Manufacturers and service providers are looking at how they can create intelligent cars that can go anywhere, access services on-demand and adapt the experience autonomously based on the user and the user profile. Whether a private vehicle, loaned vehicle, rental vehicle or public service, the experience should adapt to the individual.

The Risk

In creating the adaptable experience, via this always connected environment there is an increased risk of credential and identity misuse. With some many different data points potentially being shared, without a strong identity framework the risk of compromise increases dramatically. How can organisations create a binding identity for the individual, that can overlay to the car, the service and the environment

Our Solution

We have developed two authentication frameworks; token-based and certificate-based that allows organisations to build out-of-band access control services. These solutions work in both an online and offline environment and rigidly enforce access control rights. 

Example Use Cases

  1. Geo-located Service Zone Activation – How do you provide new features of services on-demand
  2. User & Vehicle Trust – How to trust the smartphone application & vehicle in the first place
  3. Authentication – How do you authenticate both the user, and the user to the Smart Phone application
  4. Access Control Privileges – How do you control vehicle access remotely? How can you transfer temporary access rights?
  5. Scaleability – Security needs to be automated to meet the large scale of millions of vehicles
  6. Useability – How to securely maintain usability even when there is no mobile phone signal


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