Securing SMART Connected Products

We help manufacturers to develop innovative smart, connected devices with robust security integrated from the outset. We help customers knowingly take control and secure their IoT and SMART connected products and environments.

Secure Connected 3D Printers using KeyScaler and  PTC ThingWorx

3D Systems realized they wanted to differentiate their products and services within a technology driven market. By taking a security first approach, and implementing KeyScaler technology, they have a superior product in a world of billions of connected devices – whereas other manufacturers may experience challenges when vulnerabilities cause downtime.

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Securing SMART Connected Devices in Healthcare

Patients with respiratory disorders can safely and securely manage their oxygen treatment anywhere and at any time with the GCE Group’s portable oxygen concentrator device, Zen-O.

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Smart device manufacturers must bridge the gap between software development and hardware production

A rich and expanding ecosystem of software, sensors, connectivity and processors is enabling manufacturers of previously isolated and ‘analogue’ devices to develop exciting new functionality. Products or ‘Things’ from simple sensors to highly complex, bespoke machinery can now be connected to cloud systems and the wider internet, sharing information and consequently driving efficiencies and enhancements.

But all of this comes at a potential cost. Device manufacturers previously just had to specialise in hardware production – now they also need expertise in software development, and particularly in cyber security. Smart connected products share some familiar vulnerabilities with IT in general and internet security more specifically. However, these products have new threat surfaces and points of vulnerability, they lack common defence mechanisms, and the impact of intrusions can be more severe.

More complex systems mean more types of attack entry points. Indeed, every smart device is a potential entry point to an organisational network for malicious cyber criminals – which means that every smart device needs the same robust cyber security typically applied to desktops and laptops, yet many embedded devices cannot support run-time security solutions. And with thousands of SMART connected products manufactured each week, the attack surface is constantly expanding. But with limited processing power available to some simpler smart devices, how can this be achieved?

Smart device manufacturers need to look to the cloud and implement IoT security solutions that carry out process-heavy security tasks such as encryption and device authentication separately from the device itself.

Device Authority's KeyScaler™ Platform secures smart devices

Our KeyScaler platform allows manufacturers of smart devices to embed them with device authentication and data encryption technologies. Unique patented Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology combined with a cloud-based IoT platform allows smart devices to be fully secured without relying on excessive in-device processing power.

  • Identity & Authentication: KeyScaler provides each separate smart device with a unique and verifiable identity. When added to a corporate network, each device is automatically registered and authenticated to the organization’s IoT ecosystem, giving IT managers absolute visibility and control of their expanding IoT network. No matter what setting the device is ultimately deployed in, these measures protect sensitive information exchanged among a wide range of devices.
  • Encryption: Data encryption at point of generation, in transit and in storage provides end-to-end protection of all sensitive information transmitted within customers’ IoT-enabled networks. KeyScaler enables each smart device to encrypt data at the point of collection, with the exact encryption policies defined and controlled by the customer. Transfer of encrypted data takes place regardless of the network architecture and communications technologies used by the organization, making KeyScaler a highly flexible and technology-agnostic encryption solution. 

Device Authority’s core security solution for smart device manufacturers delivers a number of benefits including:

  • Enables smart device suppliers to combine hardware manufacture expertise with powerful cyber security
  • Manages risk and supports compliance across a wide range of regulatory frameworks, depending on the customer’s industry
  • Protects the makers of smart devices from the reputational and communications costs associated with producing unsafe or poorly secured devices
  • Delivers significant cost savings and removes logistical challenges of large-scale device deployments with hands-free bulk provisioning thereby removing the need for human intervention
  • Customer-specific certificates and credentials are provisioned and controlled independently from the device manufacturing process to establish high-assurance security for device owners
  • Automates compliance through polices, minimizing costly manual intervention and manages risk for diverse industrial regulatory landscapes, including frameworks