September 15, 2020

KeyScaler Support for Microsoft Azure Sphere

IoT security needs to be architected into devices from the moment of inception, and there needs to be a foundation in the devices to deliver secure updates throughout its lifecycle. Devices must have a strong Root of Trust (RoT) in the MCUs/processors/systems and a mechanism to deliver signed and encrypted images either for production and/or for ongoing updates.

This will enable secure production, protect against IP theft, detect device cloning, and help mitigate security breaches. These devices need to connect to different constituents including Microsoft and non-Microsoft assets in operations. KeyScaler is a key component in this ecosystem to extend the trust and automation needed in operations.

What are the benefits?

  • Automated PKI certificate solution for Azure Sphere devices – Accelerate time to deployment
  • Reduce development time through easily consumable standard APIs
  • Increased security of device identities through policy driven credential rotation
  • Automation – Support Any IoT Platform, Any HSM, Any CA, including Azure Key Vault for Root of Trust
  • Ecosystem of supported partners to accelerate time to revenue
  • Completeness of offering in line with evolving standards and legislation (FIDO SDO)
  • Increases network security posture by removing use of hardcoded Pre-Shared Keys (PSK) for connecting to enterprise networks

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