March 24, 2020

Microsoft IoT Edge Gateway Service Module

Microsoft IoT Edge Gateway Service Module

Edge computing has become an essential component of the overall IoT infrastructure. Azure IoT Edge offers a managed serviced built on Azure IoT Hub to deploy customer cloud workloads, Azure/third party services or user specific business logic at the edge. Device Authority has developed a custom module for Azure IoT Edge to increase the security posture of your IoT Edge Gateways and Leaf Devices. KeyScaler IoT Edge Gateway Service automates the life cycle management of certificates for both Edge Gateways and connected Leaf Devices. Furthermore, the KeyScaler platform operationalizes the onboarding of Leaf Devices into IoT hub using X.509 certificates. The KeyScaler platform brings IoT IAM to the edge enabling policy driven credential delivery and management, secure registration and provisioning into Azure services (e.g. IoT Hub and DPS) and end-toend data crypto.

What are the benefits?

  • Complete automated life cycle management for IoT Edge Gateways and Leaf Devices.
  • Streamline IoT Gateway deployment process with KeyScaler Gateway Service Module.
  • Easy to deploy using native Azure Edge Module management functions
  • Increase operational efficiencies by leveraging existing enterprise PKI .
  • Issue certificates for IoT Edge Gateways and Leaf Devices
  • KeyScaler ADCS, Public CA connectors, Key Vault and Private CA
  • Support for both DDKG and PKI Signature+ devices.

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