March 24, 2020

Microsoft Key Vault Connector

Microsoft Key Vault Connector

Device Authority provides solutions to accelerate the deployments by providing trusted automation solutions to make security the foundation to a connected IoT experience. Device Authority’s Key Vault Connector helps customers operationalize Key Vault for IoT applications and CA signing purposes, to quickly implement this functionality and leverage existing investments in Microsoft Key Vault.

What are the benefits?

  • Automates device lifecycle management for IoT – including initial device onboarding / registration, enrolment to chosen IoT application, certificate provisioning, certificate revocation and renewal.
  • Cost effective private CA certificate signing services backed by Azure Key Vault key storage for securely storing root keys.
  • Enables a BYOK model for customers to setup their own CAs utilizing Key Vault and KeyScaler for trust and automation in IoT
  • Accelerate deployments with end-to-end certificate signing and certificate provisioning to devices
  • Flexibility to integrate with HSM Backed key storage – for FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance
  • Solves the fundamental challenges of IoT security automation at scale i.e. how to manage cert expiry, how to mange cert revocation and renewal

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