Solution Brief:

Security solutions for a Microsoft IoT ecosystem

To accelerate and build trusted IoT solutions

For Microsoft, their customers and partners, Device Authority brings to market a complimentary set of solutions that enable their end to end service offerings with enhanced security, and to accelerate, optimize and leverage their investments in their Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

For any IoT service provider that incorporates Microsoft Device Provisioning Service (DPS), Azure IoT Hub, Microsoft Sphere implementations for secure Microcontroller (MCU) devices or Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for Authorization for their IoT end points, Device Authority provides solutions to accelerate the deployments by providing trusted automation solutions to make security the foundation to a connected IoT experience.

For any service provider who plans to use Microsoft Azure, the DPS and Sphere alone cannot deliver all the essential security functionalities without undertaking custom development. Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform helps customers to quickly implement this functionality and leverage their existing investments in Microsoft infrastructure.