What is included in the Security Suite?

Data Security (Crypto) Extension

• Supports encrypting and decrypting data directly within ThingWorx platform

• Dynamic, session-based key derivation eliminates the need to share or store crypto keys on devices

• Policy-based, end-to-end data encryption for data privacy

• Support for the AlwaysOn protocol and ThingWorx 8

Device Authentication Extension

• Introduces ephemeral token-based authentication for ThingWorx

• Prevents unauthorized device-to-Thing Bind

• Re-authentication without having to disconnect device

• Replaces use of “appKey” for connecting devices to ThingWorx

Management Interface Extension

• Simplified integration to manage device identities, policies and groups within KeyScaler, directly from the

ThingWorx management console

• Provides ThingWorx customers and partners with a “single pane of glass” for device management

Device Authorization Extension

• Flexible integration with KeyScaler for real time device authorization status updates

• KeyScaler automatically creates, manages and syncronizes the device identities of Things in ThingWorx