August 11, 2020

SPARK Matrix™: IoT Identity & Access Management (IoT IAM), 2020

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced in August 2020 that it has named Device Authority as the 2020 technology leader in the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global IoT Identity and Access Management (IoT IAM) market.

IoT Identity & Access Management (IoT IAM) market consists of vendors that offer a scalable solution for deploying and managing security keys and certificates to enable device identity and integrity to be cryptographically proven and validated throughout its lifecycle. Securing IoT devices require a purpose-built device-centric IAM solution as traditional employee-centric IAM or customer IAM (CIAM) solutions are not capable of addressing IoT-specific challenges. Traditional IAM systems were designed to enforce access control policies for the users and their access to enterprise networks, applications, and data. These systems are not capable of handling billions of IoT devices, their identities, and communications with other entities, including other devices, people, and applications on the network. A purpose-built IoT IAM solution capabilities, include massive scalability & availability to handle a wide variety and volume of IoT devices, secure device registration & provisioning, end-to-end data encryption, device authentication, compliance management, and centralized policy management.

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