Thursday, September 28, 2017

AssetMinder is powered by PTC’s ThingWorx platform and secured by Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform.

Courtesy of InVMA's press release

28th September 2017
Chesterfield, Derbyshire: UK-based IoT systems integrator and managed service provider, InVMA, today announced the launch of AssetMinder, its turnkey asset performance management solution.

Organisations can now securely connect to all their mobile and fixed assets regardless of their type. With the resulting data they can use cloud-based analytics to improve the reliability and availability of those assets, minimise total cost of ownership, and reduce operational risks.

The launch builds on the underlying IoT trend within the industrial and facilities management sectors to move towards a proactive performance and maintenance strategy for assets and removes latent integration issues across multi-vendor asset portfolios.

Customers across any industry can now monitor and manage data from all types of assets and retrofitted sensors for properties such as location, level, temperature, vibration, moisture, humidity or flow and be alerted when pre-determined thresholds or rules have been met. Key benefits include:

  • Asset health management: AssetMinder provides a unified view of the asset portfolio, virtually anytime, anywhere, to understand real performance and extend asset life.
  • Improved asset reliability: AssetMinder predicts equipment performance issues so maintenance activities can be scheduled at low impact times avoiding costly unplanned downtime.
  • Increased asset availability: AssetMinder can provide continual monitoring and reporting so that decisions about delaying or bringing forward planned maintenance are made with solid information and not reliance on ‘average duty’ schedules.
  • Reduced costs. AssetMinder enables companies to keep track of spare parts, asset conditions and other critical data needed to make smart financial decisions regarding the management of key assets. For instance, AssetMinder reduces the amount of consumables stock that needs to be held as it can be automatically tracked and reordered through a workflow.

AssetMinder is offered as a flexible hardware/software solution, which includes connecting to assets using virtually any standard or proprietary protocol, and allows for the support of purely analogue signals too. InVMA has focused on what it does best and used a best of breed model to develop the solution. AssetMinder is powered by PTC’s ThingWorx platform and secured by Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform. InVMA’s hardware is manufactured by AAEON and provides connectivity to the platform using Stream Technologies’ IoT-X secure APN.

“We’ve found customers today want a complete solution that allows them to monitor their multi-age, multi-vendor and multi-category asset estate that is easy to implement, open, scalable, secure and extremely affordable,” states Pat Nash, managing director, InVMA.

“We’ve responded with AssetMinder. Through a flexible SaaS pricing model and minimal ongoing IT impact, the solution is easy to implement and accessible to even small companies.”

“Building on 20+ years OT experience, we’ve removed the interoperability challenges that most other asset monitoring solutions experience,” explains Pat.

Following a successful pilot, leading industrial aftercare providers to the energy market, JBC Industrial is using AssetMinder to deliver its HALO service. Jamie Bashall, JBC Group Chairman is delighted with the InVMA AssetMinder solution:

“The InVMA AssetMinder solution has enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace. HALO is a premium service and manufacturer neutral, with no interoperability issues, which is a real benefit to our customers who often have a mixed portfolio of boilers. InVMA has presented JBC with a genuine competitive edge.”

AssetMinder is also offered as a fully customisable white label solution for other companies to take to market. By using this innovative technology, companies can avoid costly development and simply deploy an off-the shelf, fully configured and pre-tested architecture.

AssetMinder is available immediately.