January 20, 2023

Cybeats Partners with Device Authority, A Global Leader in Securing Machine Identities and Enabling Zero Trust for IoT Devices

cybeats and device authority announce partnership

Cybeats Technologies Corp. is pleased to report a partnership with Device Authority, to provide end to end compliance and operational efficiencies to IoT devices. Through this partnership, Cybeats’ aims to work with Device Authority’s to broaden the reach of its SBOM Studio product to a wider range of businesses and partners.


The partnership between Cybeats and Device Authority enables the improvement of the resilience and security of the software supply chain of customers’ IoT applications, increasing their operational efficiency and automation at scale. SBOM Studio simplifies and automates SBOM management, and ultimately improves the return on investment of SBOM adoption across organizations.


“The enhanced integrity of the software supply chain that will result from compliance with the Executive Order and the up-coming EU Cyber Resilience Act is an important catalyst for securing supply chains at scale. Compliance is not possible where machine identity issuance and management is seen as a manual task and automated continual assurance is a vital component of achieving zero trust security,” said Darron Antill, CEO, Device Authority.


“Cybeats’ is excited to work with Device Authority to expand the global reach of its SBOM management platform to new partners of businesses and partners,” said Yoav Raiter, CEO, Cybeats. “SBOM adoption is accelerating around the world, in-part by advancing government regulations, and our SBOM Studio is leading the way forward as organizations increasingly look to implement SBOMs to protect their software supply chains.”


Fast approaching SBOM regulations present a paradigm shift in many IOT, and IT industries, where security is largely considered a one-time event and little is being done to solve the need for ongoing IoT device validation. This partnership will help to meet these challenges, by providing end-to-end IoT and OT device security, and enhance security applications for zero trust defence with SBOM validation, continuous assurance and authorisation.


About Device Authority

Device Authority is a global leader in securing machine identities and enabling zero trust for IoT. Device Authority’s KeyScaler is the only platform to automate and manage machine identities throughout their lifecycle, delivering automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management, policy-based end-to-end data security/encryption and secure updates and providing complete device, data and operational trust.


About SBOM Studio

Cybeats’ SBOM Studio enables organizations to efficiently manage, distribute, and view their software bill of materials (SBOMs) in a single interface. By doing so, they can easily identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities, reduce the cost of protection, and improve compliance. SBOM Studio is specifically designed to support software producers and consumers who use open source and 3rd party software components  and who are transitioning to more transparent software development practices. The tool is compatible with various SBOM generation tools and can validate and correct imported SBOMs to improve their accuracy.


About Cybeats

Cybeats is a cybersecurity company providing SBOM management and software supply chain intelligence technology, helping organizations to manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and secure their software from procurement to development and operation. Our platform gives customers comprehensive visibility and transparency into their software supply chain, enabling them to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue. Cybeats. Software Made Certain. Website: https://cybeats.com





Claire Tennant