December 10, 2020

Device Authority Hosts Virtual IoT Security Summit in February 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and now, and while there are many benefits to gain from IoT, often security can be left as an afterthought.

The Virtual IoT Security Summit will take place on February 23rd and 24th 2021 and focuses on the reality of IoT security, including real customer examples and use cases for Medical Devices, Healthcare, Industrial, Automotive and more.

Does your organization have a defined strategy or even a simple checklist for your IoT security? If you’re unsure, or you answered no, the Virtual IoT Security Summit will give you all the guidance you and your team need.

With six live talks currently scheduled, with speakers from across the IoT ecosystem, there will be sessions to educate and engage business leaders, technical and product managers, and of course security professionals. More details will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Learn more on the Virtual IoT Security Summit website.

Device Authority