October 7, 2022

KeyScaler-as-a-Service now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace 

Device Authority’s Enterprise KeyScaler-as-a-Service (KSaaS) solution is now available on Azure Marketplace and customer demand is already demonstrating the value of this SaaS-based consumption model. 


KSaaS, built on Microsoft Azure, offers one click deployment of PKI services and identity lifecycle management for IoT at scale. Providing an infrastructure-free alternative to the existing on-premise or private cloud version of the KeyScaler platform, it gives businesses a way to achieve total device, data, and operational trust without the burden of costly infrastructure or dedicated resources, and with a quicker time to production and infinitely scalable deployment. 


With availability in the Azure marketplace and as part of Microsoft’s IP Co-Sell program, it also means that Azure customers can leverage their existing Microsoft investments in cloud services to secure their IoT ecosystems quickly and cost-effectively. 


Commenting on the latest developments in KSaaS, Device Authority’s CEO Darron Antill said, “The ability to experience all of the benefits of our KeyScaler platform whilst also removing the barriers of required investment in infrastructure and skills for an on-prem deployment, is a significant advancement in the automation of zero trust security for IoT at scale. We have already seen many businesses take up KSaaS where an on-premise solution would not have been possible, and this has allowed IoT projects to progress with complete confidence in device security where they might otherwise have stalled. 


“The ability to now also off-set existing investment in Microsoft cloud services means that the KSaaS offer becomes even more cost effective and makes significant steps into unlocking the potential of secure IoT at scale.” 

Read more about the benefits of KSaaS or access the marketplace listing for more information.

Claire Tennant