March 1, 2022

Device Authority announces latest KeyScaler Identity Lifecycle software platform release

With KeyScaler Edge, Secure Asset Delivery and FIDO FDO Device Onboarding for IoT


March 1, 2022 London, UK, and San Ramon, California, USA – Device Authority, a global leader in identity and access management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), has released the latest update to its KeyScaler platform to include the recently announced FIDO Device Onboarding (FDO) integration as well as Secure Asset Delivery capabilities.


Building on the introduction of KeyScaler Edge last year, enabling businesses to deploy IoT Edge Compute at scale in a safe and secure way, the latest release allows real-time delivery of any actionable assets to IoT devices that can be executed by the device, including Access Credentials (SSH), device scripts, device config and much more. It also has a flexible REST API framework to integrate with Enterprise Applications, such as Privileged Access Management (PAM) services for IoT use cases.


Additionally, this release includes the first implementation of FIDO Device Onboarding (FDO) into an IoT IAM platform, offering an industry standardised approach to Zero Touch device onboarding for IoT.


“Secure Asset Delivery is crucial element of a trusted IoT device lifecycle,” commented James Penney CTO of Device Authority. “Without strong authentication and data encryption between machines connecting over an open network such as the internet, remote administration, automated operations and the secure transfer of files between devices is impossible and limits the ability to operate an IoT environment at scale. Our customers seek to utilize their existing security investments, such as PAM/PIM to extend security controls beyond the Enterprise and into IoT.


“Coupled with this, the integration of FIDO device onboarding (FDO), offers a standardized approach to device onboarding, ensuring that a new device is configured to connect and interact securely with an IoT platform, without any human interaction. These are significant further steps to ensure businesses are able to register, provision and connect IoT platforms with trust and confidence.


“We are excited about this latest innovation into KeyScaler to help our customers with non-human Identities and Identity management challenges for the evolving IOT device and application landscape. Only recently PAM for IoT was cited as huge growth area by Forrester a leading analyst, and being the first IoT software platform to build in the FDO standard is a great achievement by our team.”

KeyScaler continues to be available both as an on-premise integration or as KeyScaler-as-a-service (KSaaS), a managed service that delivers all of the same solutions without the overhead of infrastructure, dev ops and ongoing management costs of a typical hosted environment.

For more information about the new features, download our information sheet. Device Authority is also offering advanced preview access to KeyScaler 6.8 – if you are interested in benefitting from the new functionality ahead of the mainstream roll out, please complete the form below:



Claire Tennant