August 3, 2022

Device Authority Releases Updated Technical Market Insight Guide

Technical Market Insight Guide sheds light on most up to date IoT Security Challenges and the 9 Core Components for Zero Trust IoT Security


Leading IoT device identity lifecycle management experts, Device Authority has today released its updated Technical Market Insight Guide, exploring the latest IoT security landscape, threats and challenges as well as setting out its Blueprint for Enterprise IoT Security.


Building on customer insight and experience, the popular Guide sets out a Roadmap for achieving zero trust security for IoT at scale and includes real use cases, deployment experiences and looks into the role that KeyScaler and KeyScaler as a Service (KSaaS) can play in achieving this.


Commenting on the release of the updated Guide, Device Authority CEO Darron Antill commented, “Digital Transformation is high on the agenda of many businesses as they look to capitalise on the huge advances in technology and devices as well as the explosion of data to gain competitive advantage.  However the proliferation of these devices is also bringing with it an increase in cyber security threats and implementing a zero trust approach to security should be the number one priority for these businesses in order to protect their data and operations. Automating machine identities is vital to this process and, as the global leader in this space, we have set out a best practice blueprint based around the 9 core components of Zero Trust security to help businesses take action today.”


Device Authority’s KeyScaler is the only security platform to fully support the NIST framework for Zero Trust in IoT. Get in touch for more information or to download the full Technical Market Insight Guide click here.


Claire Tennant