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Device Authority's Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Instant Value for IoT Platforms.

Device Authority is a Trusted IoT IAM Solution for:

  • Automated Device Provisioning / On-boarding
  • Device Authentication (Automated Multi-factor)
  • Policy-driven, End-to-End Data Privacy, Security
  • Device and Credential Management
  • Secure Communication
  • Solving Security Problems e.g. Spoofed or stolen credentials, Detect tampered devices (automated integrity checks).

Providing value direct to your customers
  • Trusted devices connected
  • Trusted data
  • Easy integration with IoT applications
  • Flexible policies for authentication and data security

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Certificate Authorities

Device Authority's Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Automated Certificate Provisioning.

On average, it can take 8-10 minutes to deploy a certificate manually, with huge costs and risk associated with manual operational deployments.

With KeyScaler, it's all automated and managed securely;

  • Certificate provisioning
  • ​Certificate binding to the device
  • Certificate revocation
  • Certificate renewal
  • Quarantine compromised devices

Ultimately, we provide secure certificate management at IoT scale, without human intervention. This significantly reduces time and cost for customers and provides certificate authorities with a clear and secure differentiator.

With KeyScaler™ platform vendors can enable new value added services.

  • Certificate as a Service – Utility model
  • IDaaS (Identity as a Service) for IoT Devices
  • Data privacy services
  • ​Anti-cloning

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Systems Integrators

Device Authority's Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Added Value For System Integrators.

End-to-End Security for IoT applications

  • Trusted device provisioning, authentication and data privacy
  • Easy to integrate & deploy
  • Policy driven data security & management
  • Extensible REST APIs for application driven controls
  • Helps solve Regulatory compliance and data protection standards
  • Device identity centric IAM will soon become, if not already, an integral part of every IoT solution. Device Authority's purpose built IoT IAM platform will enable partners to build robust IoT applications and services.

According to Gartner:
  • IoT Needs Device-Embedded Authentication
  • Traditional IAM Will Not Suffice for IoT
  • IoT Platforms Need to Support IAM

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Device OEMs & Gateways

Device Authority's Unique KeyScaler™ Technology Provides Complementary Value to Your Hardware Solutions.

  • Creates an improved security posture for your customers
  • Easy to enable and unlock the KeyScaler Platform functionality to your channel partners and their customers
  • Differentiates your solution from your competitors
  • Enables you to establish a root of trust that can be passed through the supply chain to partners and customers
KeyScaler delivers Secure Device Provisioning and Management at IoT scale
  • Dynamic trust anchor
  • Policy-based enrolment
  • Customer security domain
KeyScaler helps your customers and partners to deliver:
  • Device anti-cloning, anti-tampering (automated integrity checks)
  • Secure SW/FW updates
  • IoT Gateway to support IoT use cases
  • Owner controlled security
  • Automated Admin password management

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