KeyScaler™ Platform Overview

Our vision: to secure and provision applications, data and devices without human intervention.

Internet of Things (IoT) security demands fresh thinking, and fit for purpose solutions. 

IoT environments cannot rely on perimeter or detection and remediation-based IT security solutions. That’s why the KeyScaler™ Platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver rapid security automation and active security posture enforcement to address the new security challenges of IoT.

The KeyScaler™ platform allows customers to securely register, provision and update their devices through active, policy-based security controls which are designed to protect IoT applications and services.

The KeyScaler™ platform has been designed for rapid integration and interoperability. Extensive REST API integration enables an abstracted interface for leveraging our security engine and system controls. Our Management Control Panel provides management and visibility to security engine configuration, functions and events.

Flexible Service Connectors create instant connections into popular external providers such as PTC Thingworx, Symantec and others. Adding new service connectors is a simple process and normally takes a matter of days.

Our distributed client-side agent technology enables secure on-boarding of devices and dynamic key generation to determine which devices and conditions are required for registration, authorization and provisioning. Device Authority Agents also deliver efficient policy-driven data encryption with application-level control to provide frictionless, drop-in security for IoT data flows between devices, services, and applications.