Platform Overview

Internet of Things (IoT) security demands fresh thinking, and fit for purpose solutions. IoT environments cannot rely on perimeter or detection and remediation-based IT security solutions.

That’s why the KeyScaler™ Platform has been designed from the ground up to deliver rapid security automation and active security posture enforcement to address the new security challenges of IoT.

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The Benefits

Device Authority directly addresses the universal challenge of securing devices and information within an increasingly connected world to ensure integrity, privacy and compliance. We do this without disrupting existing workflows or re-coding existing applications, using a standards-based platform that delivers same day value.

In Summary

  • Simplified Device Provisioning and Management: Being able to bring new devices into the IoT application safely and simply at scale
  • Device-based Access Protection: Being able to identify and authenticate the devices that are attempting to access an IoT application or network.
  • Dynamic Data Protection: Being able to send data safely and simply; to and from IoT devices and applications

IoT Ecosystem Security Solutions

Authenticated device identity and automated IoT security are mission critical requirements for IoT applications. Device Authority provides advanced security for IoT ecosystem partners and industry leading device and gateway technology platforms, including Intel®  WindRiver and ARM-based embedded Linux solutions.