Professional Bodies

1. Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

Formed as an informal industry-working group in 2005, today OTA is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved 501c3 charitable organisation with the mission to enhance online trust and empower users, while promoting innovation and the vitality of the internet.  OTA is global organisation supported by over 100 organizations headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with offices in Washington DC.

OTA goals include:
  • Help educate businesses, policy makers and stakeholders while developing and advancing best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users' security, privacy and identity.

  • Supports collaborative public-private partnerships, benchmark reporting, and meaningful self-regulation and data stewardship.

  • Promote data sharing and collaboration through working groups, training and committees.

  • Sponsors include individuals, technology leaders, social networks, ecommerce, financial institutions, service providers, government agencies and industry organisations.


2. IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF)

Device Authority is proud to be a founding member of the IoT Security Foundation. We are actively involved in the regular plenary sessions and provide guidance and advice on matters relating to IoT data security and device authentication.

The IoT Security Foundation has been established to respond to the myriad of challenges and concerns over security.  It is:

  • A non-profit organisation dedicated to driving security excellence.
  • A collaborative, vendor-neutral, international initiative which aspires to be the expert resource for sharing knowledge, best practice and advice.
  • An interactive resource led by an executive steering board.
It has an on-going programme designed to propagate good security practice, increase adopter knowledge and raise user confidence.


3. Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC)

The Open Interconnect Consortium is focused on delivering a specification, an open source implementation, and a certification program for wirelessly connecting devices.

It is defining the specification, certification & branding to deliver reliable interoperability -- a connectivity framework that abstract complexity This standard will be an open specification that anyone can implement and is easy for developers to use. It will include IP protection & branding for certified devices (via compliance testing) and service-level interoperability.

4. Union Internationale des Telecommunications (ITU)

ITU is the United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.

It allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develops the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strives to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.

ITU is committed to connecting the entire world's people – wherever they live and whatever their means. Through its work, it protects and supports everyone's fundamental right to communicate.

5. Industrial Internet Consortium IIC

The Industrial Internet Consortium is the open membership, international not-for-profit consortium that is setting the architectural framework and direction for the Industrial Internet. Founded by AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel in March 2014, the consortium’s mission is to coordinate vast ecosystem initiatives to connect and integrate objects with people, processes and data using common architectures, interoperability and open standards.

Device Authority is a member of the IIC Security Working Group.