Protect your data, IP and brand reputation with secure updates

Unauthorized software and firmware updates are a major threat vector for IoT cyber-attacks. IoT breaches can have physical consequences that result in loss of data and IP and can also introduce substantial legal liability and erode brand reputation.

There are three critical security requirements for delivering updates securely to IoT devices:

  1. Securing access to the updates
  2. Verifying the source of the updates
  3. Verifying the integrity of the updates

Let KeyScaler do the hard work, so you can focus on delivering value to your customers

Device Authority’s Secure Updates and Data / Code Signing solution delivers each of these critical requirements for IoT environments.

  1. Access to secure updates is restricted to authorized devices
  2. Updates are also specifically encrypted for target devices and are not exposed as unprotected software or firmware downloads
  3. Secure updates ensure that both the update source and the integrity of the updates themselves are verified, delivering end-to-end protection for device updates

KeyScaler manages the signing and/or delivery of software updates to ensure that both the update source and the integrity of the updates themselves are verified, delivering an end-to-end protection for device updates.

1. Application Signing Process:

  1. KeyScaler receives the ‘unsigned data/code’ from the application code owner
  2. This is then forwarded on to the Certificate Authority (CA) to get it signed
  3. The CA would then send back the ‘signed data/code’ back to KeyScaler

2. Secure Delivery process:

  1. KeyScaler uploads the signed data to a third-party Cloud Storage (e.g. Amazon S3)
  2. When the IoT device needs to do an update, it will authenticate itself to KeyScaler
  3. KeyScaler can then send a signed URL to the authenticated device
  4. The device can download the signed data from the cloud repository

The solution does not rely on network transport security for update protection and is transport-agnostic to support both Over-the-Air (OTA) and Over-the-Network (OTN) updates utilizing various transport protocols.

Find out more in our Secure Over-the-Air Updates white paper.


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