Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Carbon Emissions

The IoT is causing a significant change in the utilities industry. With a global focus on energy efficiency, conservation of energy and water sources, and reduction of carbon emissions, the industry is opting for intelligent assets, grids, meters, and appliances to enhance the interaction between assets, products, and people.

Leading utility companies are investing billions in the IoT and realising returns that range from increased overall equipment effectiveness, reduced cost of quality and compliance, improved customer service, and increased return on innovation. They are beginning to transform their business practices and recognise that, in time, the IoT will touch nearly every area of utility operations and customer engagement.

Data privacy and security need to be part of every discussion when planning an IoT strategy. Consider the breakdown of people, processes, and technology when a cyber attack infiltrates a utility company’s SCADA system and takes control of the electrical grid. Security practices need to be infallible. Furthermore, your IoT connections that deliver data and enable the customer experience need to be tamperproof. Device Authority is working with leading utility companies to provide a complete device authentication, data protection, privacy and encryption solution, ensuring that devices and data are protected from the point of creation.