• Device Authentication, Device-centric security
  • M2M Authentication with Advanced Device-centric Security for Cloud/SaaS applications
  • M2M Authentication, Device Authentication
  • Online/Mobile Access Security using Device Authentication
  • Security for CNP Transactions


Financial Institutions

The vast majority of credit card and financial transaction fraud comes from Card Not Present (CNP) transactions.


D-FACTOR™ device authentication with transaction protection reduces the threat surface of e-commerce transactions and remediation incidents due to false positives.

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Government Agencies

Infiltrating devices to gain unauthorized access to information is the biggest security threat facing government agencies.


D-FACTOR™ turns the device itself into a powerful authentication factor, delivering sub-second device authentication without requiring anything else for the user to have, know or do.

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Cloud/SaaS Providers

The adoption of Cloud services and SaaS has also created increased security risk and exposure for businesses.


DeviceAuthority’s D-FACTOR™ provides advanced device-centric security to minimize the threat surface of Cloud/SaaS infrastructure and applications.

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Stop User Account Takeovers


Layered, Device-Authenticated IAM Solutions


D-FACTORTM provides high assurance multi-factor and M2M authentication for application and network access security.

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Drive Trust and Satisfaction


M2M Authentication with Self-Service Device Whitelisting


Let's face it, when it comes to authentication, the best user experience is having no experience at all. Nothing else for the user to have, know or do!

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Protect Online Accounts


Increased Security and Fraud Detection Reliability


Patented transaction protection features are also integrated into D-FACTORTM to prevent malware-related attacks and exploits.