Block unauthorised access to your HSM

Even when you store your data in a safe place such as an HSM (Hardware Security Module), you still might get attacked. That’s because HSMs access policies aren’t up to scratch, and it can be unsafe to give your IoT devices direct access to your HSM. We offer an alternative solution to investing in custom access controls with KeyScaler HSM Access Controller.

Granular Control

KeyScaler HSM Access Controller is your secret weapon to shielding your HSM from unwanted users and hackers. Keep your credentials safe with detailed access policies, completely customisable to support your key use cases.

Safe Assets

With our reliable HSM access control solution, you can focus on your business, knowing your HSM is in safe hands with KeyScaler. Our technology protects your most valuable content and credentials, saves you from security breach costs, and mitigates security risks.


How KeyScaler HSM Access Controller works

KeyScaler HSM Access Controller gives you granular authentication, authorisation, and audit controls to IoT devices, servers and applications. When your IoT applications connect to your HSM they’re first authenticated by KeyScaler to make sure they’re above board before they’re given access.

Our platform supports a wide range of key management functions offering a robust HSM security solution. You’re able to generate a new key inside HSM for later use, import/export external public keys, perform audits to see who accessed what keys, and so much more.


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"When we evaluated device identity solutions for our IoT platform, Device Authority came out on the top by a wide margin.  Great to work with, they quickly built their technology to integrate seamlessly into our edge products and as an extension to our IoT platform. This enabled a great story about device authentication, secure device registration, provisioning and even a certificate-based solution for customers with that as a requirement."

Ken Herold
Security Product Manager of leading IoT Platform Company

"I have worked with Device Authority a number of years now, and the KeyScaler platform & technology provides security automation for industrial customers and their evolving use cases. As we expand our own AssetMinder® service value & offering to our Industrial customer base, security operations are taken care of by KeyScaler."

Patrick Nash
Chief Innovation Officer, InVMA

"KeyScaler complies with the Presidential Executive Order to build trust in critical software. This is achieved by sharing a continuously assured Software Bill of Materials which lays the foundations of zero-trust identity-based security for connected things."

Rob Brown
Co-Founder, Jitsuin

"We installed KeyScaler quickly and easily in one go using their comprehensive installation guides. Without any issues, it's working fine, and the customer success team were on hand to make sure it went smoothly"

Senior Program Manager
M2M/IoT, medical equipment company

"Device Authority is a great company to work with. They have worked with us to resolve the issues and challenges we have faced with device security for both on-highway and off-highway implementations. Every curve ball I have thrown at them, they have managed to hit a home run for us."

Global Cyber Security Leader
Diesel Engine Manufacturer

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