Delivering IoT security at scale

Without automation, the provisioning of new IoT devices at scale becomes time-consuming and even unmanageable. KeyScaler™ removes the risk of human error threatening your IoT security (and reputation) and increases your ROI by authenticating devices automatically.

This leading IoT IAM platform lets you safely register, provision, and connect devices to IoT platforms, applications, and services. KeyScaler™ helps you simplify your IoT security processes with an all-in-one solution, increase efficiency with security automation, and protect your devices against cyber attacks.

IoT Security Lifecycle Management

From the Edge to the Enterprise, the IoT security lifecycle is important for organisations who are embarking on their IoT journey.

keyscaler Auto Provisioning Platform

Introducing KeyScaler®

KeyScaler® is an innovative IoT security platform that:
  • Securely provisions and registers devices
  • Manages policy-driven credentials
  • Provides end-to-end device cryptography for data in transit and at rest across networks and cloud services

KeyScaler™ uses breakthrough technology with two device authentication methods to bring unrivalled trust to IoT devices. Our platform delivers automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management, and policy based end-to-end data security/encryption.

Which device authentication method is best for you?

KeyScaler ™ was designed to be easily integrated into your existing IoT devices and is perfect for Secure by Design IoT devices. It protects your vital digital infrastructures from security threats that can cost your brand millions, harm your reputation, and put your customer’s privacy at risk with simplified Security solutions.

The Benefits

Device Authority directly addresses the universal challenge of securing devices and information within an interconnected world. We help you secure privacy, protect your brand from cyber threats, and ensure compliance with automated checks. Our state-of-the-art platform gives you insane value from day one. Get started today.

Protects you from espionage, process disruption, and data theft with policy driven crypto that provides end-to-end security

Defends you against cyber attacks through our automated password management technology

Automates compliance according to industry regulations and minimises expensive manual intervention

Increases efficiency and reduces overheads by automating IT security policies and password change management

Increases your control over what users can access specific content by letting you generate PKIs

Helps you leverage your existing investment through managed PKI connectors

Protects your brand’s integrity and reputation by preventing key theft, cloning, impersonation, and spoofing

Removes logistical challenges of large scale device deployments and increases ROI with automated provisioning

Device Authority directly addresses the universal challenge of securing devices and information within an increasingly connected world to ensure integrity, privacy and compliance.

Our innovative platform delivers same day value – so get started now.

keyscaler overview

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KeyScaler™ licensing guide

Buy what you need, scale as you grow.

Our KeyScaler™ platform is easy to navigate, scales with you, and offers flexible licensing models. When you buy KeyScaler™, you’ll get a base license for all the features you need to drive security-first IoT projects.

You can also get a separate license for any of the 4 modules below when you need them. This gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you need, reducing your overall cost.

KeyScaler Identities

Enhance your operational efficiency, increase security and trust, and deliver sizable ROI with automated onboarding

KeyScaler Secure Updates

Speed up your time-to-deployment with a standardised update framework and protect your brand against security attacks

KeyScaler Data Security

Protect your brand’s reputation and customers from data breaches with patented IoT security technology

KeyScaler Edge

A lightweight version of KeyScaler created specifically for Edge nodes, with the ability to register, authenticate, and provision certificates and tokens to devices in the local network, independent of an available internet connection.

KeyScaler Modular Licensing

  • Device Registration
  • Device Authentication
  • Device Authorization
  • Device Grouping
  • Management REST APIs
  • Event Logging & Auditing
  • Automated cert. provisioning and mgmt.
  • Integration with CAs, IoT Platforms
  • Built-in private PKI
  • Token provisioning
Service Connectors
  • Certificate Authority Connectors
  • Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Key Vault connector for private PKI
  • Azure IoT Hub, DPS, IoT Central
  • AWS IoT Core
Client Software
  • Credential Management Agent
  • Data crypto policies
  • Secure crypto key provisioning
  • Data access authorization
  • APIs for IoT platform access
Service Connectors
  • ThingWorx Crypto Ext.
Client Software
  • MQTT Crypto Agent
  • HTTP/S Crypto Agent
  • AlwaysOnTM Crypto Agent
  • KSClient SDK
  • Policy-driven code signing and update delivery
  • Integrates into existing build workflows
  • EPIC delivers ultimate flexibility
  • REST APIs for easy integration
Service Connectors
  • Venafi CodeSign Protect
  • Azure Blob Storage
Client Software
  • Software Update Agent
  • Prevent unauthorized access to HSM keys
  • Policy controls for HSM functions
  • Secure data repos for encrypted storage
  • REST APIs for easy integration
Service Connectors
  • Entrust HSM
  • Thales HSM
  • Syslog for event Iogging
Client Software
  • KSClient SDK

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"When we evaluated device identity solutions for our IoT platform, Device Authority came out on the top by a wide margin.  Great to work with, they quickly built their technology to integrate seamlessly into our edge products and as an extension to our IoT platform. This enabled a great story about device authentication, secure device registration, provisioning and even a certificate-based solution for customers with that as a requirement."

Ken Herold
Security Product Manager of leading IoT Platform Company

"I have worked with Device Authority a number of years now, and the KeyScaler platform & technology provides security automation for industrial customers and their evolving use cases. As we expand our own AssetMinder® service value & offering to our Industrial customer base, security operations are taken care of by KeyScaler."

Patrick Nash
Chief Innovation Officer, InVMA

"KeyScaler complies with the Presidential Executive Order to build trust in critical software. This is achieved by sharing a continuously assured Software Bill of Materials which lays the foundations of zero-trust identity-based security for connected things."

Rob Brown
Co-Founder, Jitsuin

"We installed KeyScaler quickly and easily in one go using their comprehensive installation guides. Without any issues, it's working fine, and the customer success team were on hand to make sure it went smoothly"

Senior Program Manager
M2M/IoT, medical equipment company

"Device Authority is a great company to work with. They have worked with us to resolve the issues and challenges we have faced with device security for both on-highway and off-highway implementations. Every curve ball I have thrown at them, they have managed to hit a home run for us."

Global Cyber Security Leader
Diesel Engine Manufacturer

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