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Edge computing is common where localized processing is critical to operations, where remote locations don’t allow for consistent connectivity to the cloud, or in mission-critical environments where direct internet access isn’t allowed for security and integrity purposes As with all digital models, where there’s data, there’s potential for data theft or misuse. That’s why we’ve developed KeyScaler Edge, providing robust Edge security for your entire IoT security lifecycle, whether you need localized security for medical devices, or security orchestration for OT devices on your factory floor. 

KeyScaler Edge, a lightweight version of our KeyScaler server platform designed specifically to run in edge environments including nested edge scenarios, providing robust IoT edge security lifecycle management for your entire connected device ecosystem. 

KeyScaler Edge provides unique to the industry, breakthrough technology for securing IoT Edge infrastructure. Whether you need localized security for connected medical devices or support for remote offline factories, our technology has everything you need to provide Zero Trust security for your Edge devices, including Nested Edge capabilities supporting the Purdue Manufacturing Model. 

KeyScaler Edge Security Features Summary

Secure Certificate Provisioning & Mgmt.
  • Secure Edge and Leaf device attestation with strong RoT
  • Supports provisioning both Azure IoT Edge instances and leaf devices, upcoming EST support
  • Device clone detection prevents unauthorized engagement in the local ecosystem
Central Visibility and Control
  • Centralized reporting and management of all IoT provisioned certificates
  • Central visibility of Edge and Leaf node relationships
Support Any Public and Private CA
  • Built-in Private PKI for localized environments
  • Support for public Certificate Authorities
Offline Support
  • Continued operation where no connection to the cloud is available
  • Local sub-CA provides continued certificate provisioning without connection to the cloud

How KeyScaler Edge works

KeyScaler Edge is a lightweight version of our KeyScaler server technology that installs in most edge runtime environments and is fully integrated with KeyScaler Central. Our unique technology keeps your devices protected online and offline by storing your operational policies locally and functioning as a sub-CA, syncing with the KeyScaler platform at predefined intervals effectively unifying your IT and OT security strategies. KeyScaler maintains detailed information about all parent-child relationships at the Edge providing unparalleled visibility across your supply chain. 


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"What do you like best? It provides device security in a constructive manner. We can authenticate the devices remotely. Increase efficiency of the services and most importantly secure devices from cyber attacks. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Security Cyber attacks Certificate management Password management The above features, make the whole process smooth and fast."

KeyScaler – Best IOT Security Tool

"What do you like best? With Keyscaler, we were able to increase the efficiency of security automation and in turn increase protection from cyber attacks since we deal with a heavy amount of customer data. The efficiency of security automation is extremely good and helps deliver the required results. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? The basic problem of securing our IoT devices and platforms is solved by KeyScaler and it has benefited us in numerous ways by working very effectively on security automation and improving the overall efficiency on cyberattacks."

KeyScaler – Good Product

"What do you like best? User-friendly interface. It gives tutorials for new users. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Automated device registration and certificate provisioning. It provides us with password management for IoT devices."

Review for KeyScaler
Vipul K.

"What do you like best? Simplified integration, IoT Security automation and password management. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Password management and security protection"

KeyScaler For Your Security

"What do you like best? It allows me to easily deploy and integrate PKI keys and encryption certificates. Defends you against cyber-attacks through our automated password management technology What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? KeyScaler protects my company from DDoS attacks. Securely provisions and registers devices Manages policy-driven credentials Provides end-to-end device cryptography for data in transit and at rest across networks and cloud services."

Review of KeyScaler
Abhishek A.

"What do you like best? KeyScaler is a must when you need only trusted devices to log in to the company asset What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Of course, securing and safeguarding the digital assets"

KeyScaler is Good For 2FA to Safeguard the IT Assets

"The management of device level certificates is a complicated beast and more complex than anticipated, particularly when scaling to hundreds of thousands. As a relatively small technical team, having a SaaS solution to integrate into was a big deal!"

KSaaS testimonial
Healthcare manufacturer

"When we evaluated device identity solutions for our IoT platform, Device Authority came out on the top by a wide margin.  Great to work with, they quickly built their technology to integrate seamlessly into our edge products and as an extension to our IoT platform. This enabled a great story about device authentication, secure device registration, provisioning and even a certificate-based solution for customers with that as a requirement."

Ken Herold
Security Product Manager of leading IoT Platform Company

"I have worked with Device Authority a number of years now, and the KeyScaler platform & technology provides security automation for industrial customers and their evolving use cases. As we expand our own AssetMinder® service value & offering to our Industrial customer base, security operations are taken care of by KeyScaler."

Patrick Nash
Chief Innovation Officer, InVMA

"KeyScaler complies with the Presidential Executive Order to build trust in critical software. This is achieved by sharing a continuously assured Software Bill of Materials which lays the foundations of zero-trust identity-based security for connected things."

Rob Brown
Co-Founder, Jitsuin

"We installed KeyScaler quickly and easily in one go using their comprehensive installation guides. Without any issues, it's working fine, and the customer success team were on hand to make sure it went smoothly"

Senior Program Manager
M2M/IoT, medical equipment company

"Device Authority is a great company to work with. They have worked with us to resolve the issues and challenges we have faced with device security for both on-highway and off-highway implementations. Every curve ball I have thrown at them, they have managed to hit a home run for us."

Global Cyber Security Leader
Diesel Engine Manufacturer

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