Device Authority is an IoT software security company focused on people safety, protecting critical assets and data and protecting IoT applications in a transforming digital, connected and sustainable world. The foundations of IoT also enable technology to deliver positive economic, social and climate impacts that help transform our societies for the better. Working with our customers our employees are active in developing smart connected cars, smart cities, smart energy, smart factory, and smart connected healthcare, all of which are building a cleaner, safer and healthier environment and world we live in.


Device Authority’s HQ is based at Fora, which has a strong focus on the environment and sustainability.

“In a world facing climate crisis, Fora believes that net zero carbon by 2030 is not merely possible, but imperative. Modest changes grow meaningful results; local action has universal effects. Fora’s environmental commitment is science-based and human-centred. Considered responses focused on power, transportation and waste create long-term positive outcomes for the planet.”

Additionally, Device Authority follows these practices:

  • Flexible working
  • Use of public transport for commute
  • Electric vehicles
  • Paperless office
  • Remote working capabilities enabled through:
    • Online meetings (Teams)
    • Cloud infrastructure usage (Microsoft Azure)


  • Health and safety
  • Gender diversity
  • Multi-cultural
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Internships – opportunities for younger generation
  • Equal opportunities employer
  • Active and supportive wellbeing culture
  • Supporting employees after work
    • Company matched pension


  • Board practices aligning to applicable Company laws
  • Renumeration committee
  • Employee share scheme
  • Financial approvals matrix – delegation of authority
  • Banking controls
  • Financial accounts and Budget reviews – Board sign off
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Team and Review process & document
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • ESG screening of Vendors and Suppliers

Device Authority supports UTC Reading career mentoring programme.


Colleagues from the Device Authority HQ in Reading are working with UTC Reading on a mentoring programme to support local students as they prepare to make decisions about their Key Stage 5 studies and how to develop the skills and attributes needed for their chosen careers.

UTC Reading provides specialist technical education for students aged 14-19 and has been working with the Sage Foundation to design and deliver the Career Mentoring Programme to support its Year 11 students (aged 15-16).

Device Authority CEO Darron Antill will be meetings groups of students regularly throughout the programme to provide consistent guidance and the opportunity for students to build a connection with industry and gain valuable insight.

Darron commented, “Mentors played an important role at the start of my career and gave me a good foundation to progress through the ranks to lead several tech companies. A successful company is based on employing and developing great people and I am looking forward to paying back to the new generation, listening to them and offering advice and insight wherever I can.”

Smart Connected Healthcare: Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator with a secure method of remote monitoring and management.

Business Need

Secure remote monitoring and management of medical device to monitor usage info, aid diagnostics and provide clinical data to doctors and patients.


KeyScaler provides managed, secure device registration, authentication & crypto key rotation at scale for data privacy

SMART Connected Cars: PKI Management for Connected Car

PKI Certificate management to Vehicle Telematics Control Unit and Cloud application

Business Need

Vehicle manufactures utilize PKI Certificates for identity, authentication and encryption to network services. The large number of vehicles which pass through the production line need to be provisioned a unique identity. Throughout the lifetime of the vehicle the ownership may need to be transferred if the vehicle is sold or leased, requiring a new certificate to provisioned to the vehicle. This requires the need for an automated approach to PKI management to vehicle and applications.


KeyScaler provides vehicle trust and automated secure PKI certificate management. KeyScaler trust anchor technology will be deployed on the Vehicle TCU to enable automated certificate delivery to the vehicle, and the chosen connected vehicle application platform.

Smart Connected Healthcare: Surgical Robot

Business Need

A medical device manufacturer provides surgical robots to perform joint replacement surgery. The devices are fitted with a gateway that will allow for some communication to specific cloud-hosted services, owned by the device manufacturer. Treatment files are created in a lab and sent to the robot for performing the surgical procedure. Post-surgical audit logs are also returned to the cloud services for compliance reporting.


KeyScaler provides secure robot registration and continuous authentication, certificate provisioning, end-to-end data security, token issuance for authentication to IoT platform, and secure decommissioning at end of life – with full support for offline devices.