September 28, 2016

5 takeaways from #SmartSummitLondon

Last week we sponsored Smart Summit London. On our stand we discussed the future of Smart Cities and Industrial Internet with industry visionaries speaking at the event, customers implementing solutions and other IoT providers. Here are our 5 takeaway observations…

1. Companies value authentication

It is clear that companies value authentication, especially in IoT scenario, to be sure the devices being messaged with are the real things, and not malicious devices. E.g. if you cannot control the devices that connect into your application you have no control of the data sent to your application.

2. Little emphasis on security in the market

There a whole host of IoT solutions available but very little emphasis on security. We heard this from countless visitors to our stand. One delegate in particular was trying to find a solution to security vulnerabilities for CCTV.

3. Few, if any, other security IoT companies

There were no other companies at the event that specialize in IoT security.  Visitors to our stand actually demonstrated relief that companies like Device Authority exist with their sole purpose to solve the unique security challenges IoT presents. Security is a concern for most companies but no one really knows how to solve it.

4. Extra security layers desired

Some companies such as Honeywell are looking for solutions that can add extra layers of security to what already exists. A Honeywell representative said theft of security cameras in homes/properties is an issue, and to give the consumer confidence he was looking for solutions that could bring an additional layer of authentication security.

5. Symmetrical keys impress the industry

Visitors to Smart Summit who had some knowledge about security were impressed by the fact that Device Authority can generate symmetrical keys, through our patented technology, on both end points (automatically) without ever sending a key across the network, and also the fact that we never have to store a key on a device. Management and rotation of keys can be difficult and expensive without Device Authority’s solutions.

What’s clear is IoT security is an area of concern for most companies considering an IoT implementation. One solution doesn’t fit all, but with Device Authority’s patented technology we are in a unique position to solve many of the industry’s security challenges.

Find out more about our latest IoT security platform, KeyScaler, in our webinar on October 4th.

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Darron Antill