July 3, 2023

KSaaS has made device and data trust more accessible, affordable and scalable than ever…..and we’ve got a global Microsoft award to prove it!

device authority inc - rising azure technology award

The reliance on connected devices in today’s interconnected world has become a necessity for any business wanting to capture and relay timely data to drive efficiency, performance improvements and commercial advantage. Trust in the devices and data is paramount and so it is no surprise to us at Device Authority that the launch of our Keyscaler-as-a-Service solution has been so successful and, this week has achieved us the accolade of Microsoft Rising Azure Technology Partner of the Year.

KSaaS offers all the benefits of KeyScaler’s automated device identity lifecycle management but, as a cloud first solution, its subscription model eliminates the need for costly infrastructure, internal expertise and resources and provides an infinitely scalable solution with faster on-boarding and an accelerated incident response time.  With the hefty safety, financial and reputational risk that comes with any security breach, KSaaS opens the door to a trust-as-a-solution approach for any business, allowing them to truly unlock the potential of connected devices at scale.

As well as providing a pure cloud-first managed solution, KSaaS also facilitates our Edge-to-Cloud hybrid model.  This unique proposition allows offline or private networks to utilise a lightweight KeyScaler Edge management layer which periodically synchronises with the KSaaS cloud platform, either on demand or over a secure VPN connection. Employing our Edge-to-Cloud architecture allows all the benefits and resilience of the KSaaS cloud platform to be applied to non-internet connected devices.

The fact that KSaaS is built on Azure is also important.  As well as adhering to Microsoft’s Well Architected Framework for SaaS Solutions and offering unparalleled capabilities to meet the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we have been able to leverage the breadth and depth of Azure’s technical capabilities and its commitment to innovation which all help to enable us to deliver robust and scalable device and data trust automation. In the spirit of accessibility, the Marketplace also makes it easy for our customers to sign up to a free trial of KSaaS and procure the full KSaaS solution, drawing down their Azure commitment via the MAC incentive.

The vast majority of conversations we are having with customers from the automotive, medical, industrial and public sectors and beyond now centre around KSaaS as the solution to automate and enhance their complex security use cases. This is also particularly true for those customers with Edge and Nested Edge requirements and those wanting to comply with the latest US and EU legislation in relation to Zero Trust security management.

It is extremely pleasing to see Microsoft recognise our unwavering commitment to solving the very real and increasingly important problem of connected device security. At our recent Virtual Summit, we heard from a number of industry speakers about the benefits of KSaaS, what’s next for Azure and the role of AI in the connected device security landscape and it is safe to say, our innovation continues as we ensure we can help customers to tackle the security risks of the future and support their digital transformation, innovation and business success.

If you would like to find out more about our award winning KSaaS solution, take a look here (link to landing page) and you can read more about the award itself here (link to awards news).

Ben Benson