September 16, 2019

Chip to Cloud Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Chip to Cloud Security for the Internet of Things

Device Authority’s KeyScaler and MULTOS integrated solution delivers a Secure by Design approach focusing on key provisioning and key insertion for initial device trust, device provisioning and operationalizing trust and security operations into the Enterprise. With the initial key insertion being offered through the MULTOS manufacturer’s process and partners.

  • Build in security and manage it from device to cloud
  • Cost-effective, robust security for IoT devices
  • Prevention of cyber attacks
  • Meets compliance requirements for regulated industries
  • Ease of use and deployment for customers

Utilizing the MULTOS secure chip solution with KeyScaler enables an “out of the box” approach to IoT security, delivering security from the start of a project.

  • Giving customers and product manufacturers flexibility for device security to solve fundamental challenges
  • Real use cases require an end to end approach for security to operationalize security at IoT Scale, to meet the demands of business and Enterprise integration, but at the same time meeting the security requirements set out by legislation, compliance and good security practice.

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