March 24, 2020

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Connector

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate

Today in enterprise networks there are a number of existing connections, such as users and network peripherals to an Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) server which provides the public key infrastructure (PKI) functionality; such as create, validate and revoke public key certificates for internal uses of an organization. With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), many new types of devices, for example security cameras, connected cars, and industrial robots in manufacturing or hospital environments, also need access to the AD CS server. But as these devices are external to the enterprise network, they cannot connect to the AD CS server directly and managing the security for them is difficult and can be complex. This connectivity and device security management can be solved with Device Authority’s KeyScaler AD CS connector to provide the PKI functionality such as private certificate signing service from AD CS Server.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve operational efficiency by leveraging existing investments in Microsoft infrastructure by including IoT devices that would not be normally part of the Enterprise network and provide public key cryptography
  • Enhanced IoT device security by binding the device identity with corresponding digitally signed certificates
  • Gain enhanced visibility of their device within enterprise services
  • Extend & leverage AD CS features for IoT devices e.g. group policies making it easy to implement role or attribute-based access control
  • Automated certificate provisioning and lifecycle management for Enterprise IoT devices

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