March 24, 2020

Microsoft IoT Central Connector

Microsoft IoT Central Connector

Device Authority provides solutions to accelerate the deployments by providing trusted automation solutions to make security the foundation to a connected IoT experience. For any service provider who plans to use Microsoft IoT Central for their IoT Application, Device Authority’s KeyScaler IoT Central Connector helps customers operationalize device enrolment, identity/Certificate management at scale.

What are the benefits?

  • Automates device lifecycle management for IoT – including initial device registration / onboarding, enrolment to chosen IoT application, certificate provisioning, certificate revocation and renewal.
  • KeyScaler automatically creates and manages new device enrolments in the configured IoT Central application instance.
  • Device Authority’s patented Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) provides attestation for devices that do not have an initial trust anchor (keys from the device manufacturing stage)
  • Using dynamic keys (i.e. not a single static key) through Azure DPS and Azure IoT Hub, prevents device cloning
  • Use KeyScaler as a “security gate” to control automated registration with DPS
  • Combine cost effective private CA certificate Signing Services, optionally backed by Azure Key Vault key storage for securely storing root keys.
  • Solves the fundamental challenges of IoT security Automation at scale i.e. How to manage cert expiry, how to manage certificate revocation and renewal

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